How To Make Flower Pots and Planters From Old Boots and Shoes

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Offered that gardening season is starting and it's time to start out sowing some blossom seeds, As a former looking around the 'Net for a few gardening ideas. Seeing that I am one of many, many women with "Shoe Clutter", this is a terrific idea for recycling shoes I'll never wear again but just hate to throw away.

There are many, many posts showing footwear together with as planters. Some of these are interesting, some shabby chic, some sentimental, some redneck, and some just downright cute. We've decided I'm going to create some planters from recycled footwear. These could provide either indoors or outside in the garden as accent pieces and I'll definitely have my eye to interesting shoes or boots when I'm on my flea market circuit.

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